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History of Global Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development has been on the global agenda with the first Conference in Stockholm 1972. In 2012 with the Rio Summit leaders acknowledge their diagnosis of Environmental treaties was not successful. At this time a set of goals, the Sustainable Development Goals, was implemented to regulate actions propagated to each and every country.

Economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability are growing apart in South Africa and BioResus want to manage areas that have been severely damaged. Far off villages, rural areas that rely on farming, and local markets will be targeted and our first goal is to provide water, sanitation and hygiene to all. We would like to have an impact on mitigation of climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses. If we can count, measure and assess, we can compare outcomes with targeted pathways, goals will be manageable, and funding will ensure our success on targeted projects.

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Mission – Bio-Resus produce a value added culture by ensuring an equal opportunity for all citizens which will support their right to a healthy environment.

Vision – We will ensure a sustainable future where all citizens of South Africa¬† can add value to our economy and promote the saying “Consciousness is our Currency.

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